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Business Operations Specialist

Duties of the Business Operations Specialist include managing and optimizing the day-to-day activities of Buna by developing and implementing proper policies, initiatives and procedures. Further, they are responsible for managing participants, FHIs and Central Banks’ accounts, and for analyzing performance to ensure participants’ satisfaction and efficient operations.

Onboarding Specialist

Duties of the Onboarding Specialist include defining technical onboarding requirements for participants, setting up new participants within Buna and ensuring participants have the required tools and qualifications for a successful launch of their Buna accounts.

Information Security Officer

The duties of the Information Security Officer include developing and managing Buna’s information security policies & strategy to protect Buna from security threats and cyber-attacks. The job holder is also responsible for ensuring operational compliance with all standards and regulations and driving business continuity.

Product Specialist

The duties of the Product Specialist include setting the strategy, roadmap and vision for Buna’s products. The job holder is also responsible for driving and promoting innovation via new products as well as improvement opportunities of existing products.