August 10 , 2023

Buna holds its 43rd workshop to demonstrate the relevance of sustainability and ESG policies for FMIs and how Buna responds to these challenges

June 22 , 2023

Buna holds its 42nd virtual workshop to demonstrate how it contributes to greater financial inclusion by interlinking countries and regions

May 10 , 2023

Buna launches a new service establishing a more accessible and more secure foreign exchange (FX) market

May 04 , 2023

Buna holds its 41st workshop to explore the status of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) current initiatives and their outlook

April 17 , 2023

Buna Launches its Instant Payment Service (IPS)

April 12 , 2023

Successful launch of cross-border payments of Iraqi pensioners’ salaries using “Buna” - First transaction in Jordanian Dinar