How We Hire

In Buna, we are looking for career seekers and not job hunters. Buna gives you an opportunity to join an ambitious and growing supranational organization. Make sure to understand who we are, what we do, and what we aim to achieve. We invite you to thoroughly browse our website and get the latest updates on Buna by following us on LinkedIn.

Build your knowledge on Buna and search for a vacancy within our organization that matches your qualifications and skills.


Apply For The Job

You've done your research to learn more about the entity you are looking to join and where you want to work. You read through the job description and have a clearer view of what you are expected to do. Now, you are ready to apply for the position that excites you the most across the available opportunities.


Qualify For The Next Step

After you submit your application, we will review it and notify you of the next steps if you advance in the process. Every application is important to us. We will carefully explore each application to assess how your skills and experience can handle the roles we are looking to fill. We will contact you within a reasonable time to share news of your candidacy, so wait to hear from us.


Let Us Meet & Talk

A successful application will be your road to another round of assessment. If you reach that stage, we will contact you for an interview that can be conducted either virtually or in-person depending on your location. This will be an opportunity to further assess your knowledge, experiences, skills, and views on the role you are looking to hold. This is also an opportunity for you to get introduced to Buna managers and learn more about the role and what it's like to work in Buna.


Final Assessment & Decision

Being shortlisted for an interview represents promising progress in the recruitment journey, but not a definitive one. We will review the outcome of each interview and re-examine the application to ensure we select candidates who will be successful in their respective roles.

If you are the selected candidate, congratulations. You will be extended an offer and we will contact you to provide all the information you need about getting started.

If we are unable to make an offer at this time, please continue to explore our careers site for additional opportunities to join our team. You could have great potential for a different role.