Operations & Support

Buna payment system is designed to enable smooth usage of Buna services and efficient processing of cross-border payments within its network. The global standard technology used by the system minimizes the efforts required by participants to integrate with Buna system, and continuous support is always in place to assist participants in their operations processes.


Buna’s Onboarding

Buna supports participants from the early beginning through different phases and via different channels. During the onboarding process, Buna is in charge of supporting the participant in implementing the onboarding project plan and successfully completing the different stages of the onboarding process, to secure the participant’s readiness to launch Buna service on its system and process the first live payment transaction.

Once the participant is live Buna’s Service Desk will be in charge of managing all support requests for participants and Financial Holding Institutions (FHI’s). Participants’ and FHI’s queries are raised in the form of tickets, services, and incidents requests and transmitted through various channels, including emails, phone calls, and the ServiceNow Portal.

Business Operations

In addition to the Service Desk functions, Buna supports any business-related issues that might arise during the business day and deliver the required actions to solve it. Buna is reachable through email and can also be assigned to handle and close opened tickets registered on ServiceNow, based on the nature of the ticket raised.

The Service Desk is in charge of handling all queries and issues related to the processing of payment instructions and settlement of payments to ensure the smooth operations of Buna services at all times.