Buna Conducted a Specialized Workshop

Buna's dedicated virtual workshop was held on the 15th of December, 2022. It covered, in detail, the topic of Instant Payment Systems. 
It was attended by a wide spectrum of regional and global financial institutions.

The Workshop Agenda Included: 

·        Overview & Value Proposition – 20 mins (by Faisal Al Hijawi – Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Buna and Syrine Ben Fathallah – Business Development Specialist at Buna)

·        IPS Liquidity Management – 20 mins (by Ahmed El Hefnawy – Chief Business Services Officer at Buna and Deemah Alwazani – Business Operations Specialist at Buna)

·        Technical Overview & Connectivity Requirements – 20 mins (by Erol Kaya - Chief Technology Officer at Buna and Bilal Bader - Chief Architect, Payment Solutions at Buna)

·        SWIFT Presentation – Global Trends in Cross-Border Instant Payments and Supporting Efforts For Buna IPS – 30 mins (by Carlo Palmers - Head of IP Strategy and Alaa Alrousan – Senior Account Director)

·        Q&A, Next Steps – 30 mins (by Buna & SWIFT)

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