Buna holds its 42nd virtual workshop to demonstrate how it contributes to greater financial inclusion by interlinking countries and regions

Abu Dhabi, June 22nd, 2023: Buna (the cross-border payment system operated by Arab Regional Payments Clearing and Settlement Organization “ARPCSO”, owned by The Arab Monetary Fund “AMF”), will hold its 42nd workshop, on Thursday June 22nd. The workshop will demonstrate how Buna contribute to greater financial inclusion by interlinking countries and region. The workshop will also serve to unveil newest Buna products and achievements.

One of the workshop’s sessions will demonstrate how, by connecting one region to another, Buna can influence opportunities of trade and investments between countries, and benefit individual citizens. In this context, our high level guest speakers, the deputy governor of the State Bank of Pakistan and the Deputy Director of the Financial Services for the Poor from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will elaborate on the recent initiative aiming to interlink Buna with Raast the instant payment system operated by the State Bank of Pakistan. 

The workshop will also serve to disclose a new product offering that Buna is deploying and which should facilitate greater interoperability with other systems and regions, as illustrated by the recent collaboration with PagoNxt, the payments arm of Santander Group.

The workshop will be attended by over 200 senior officials representing central banks and a wide spectrum of institutions from the financial, banking and payment sectors of the region and other international markets.

On this occasion, Mehdi Manaa, Chief Executive Officer of Buna said:
“At Buna, we are committed to adapting to changing needs and creating a positive impact in our region and beyond. We are happy to demonstrate how the Buna’s constant evolution is allowing to cater for diverse cross-border payment needs, by providing practical and straightforward solutions.”

Mehdi added: “We must realize that efficient payment solutions, such as Buna, can bring broad benefits to economies, businesses and individuals, supporting growth, and facilitating financial inclusion.

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