Technology Infrastructure

BUNA – Highly resilient, scalable payment platform to accelerate integration.

Our future-proof, agile payments technology platform helps participant banks and financial institutions safely and efficiently enable cross-border payments. We support our community to stay agile and ahead of trends with our innovative technology foundation that is modular, interoperable, and easy to integrate.

The Buna technology platform is designed and built with high availability, scalability, and resiliency requirements by selecting the right technology stack and partners to secure a fast response to our participant's  needs.


Resilient - always available

Uninterrupted provision of payment services requires a high degree of resilience towards any system failure. Buna's infrastructure follows the principle of no single points of failure. The production system consists of highly available Active-Active systems, and an additional hot standby system subject to activation in case of multiple failures or complete unavailability of the production systems in the primary site(s). All system components are duplicated, and spare components are working in Active-Active mode or will be activated automatically, in case of primary component failure


Modern and modular architecture

Buna’s core platform architecture is based on a modern multi-layer service-oriented framework. Each layer in the platform has its scope of functionality and is customized to fit the requirements of cross-border payment best practices. This approach ensures the separation of duties between system layers thus protecting information flows from bottlenecks. Buna technology stack with distributed loosely coupled architecture allows distributed software components or services for concurrent processing on multiple servers. This architecture minimizes bottlenecks and allows achieving new levels of throughput and performance.


Scalable for higher performance

Buna platform is focused on achieving efficiency and scalability through concurrent computing and parallel processing, by supporting vertical and horizontal scalability. Distributed loosely coupled architecture allows efficiently distributed software components as clusters, on one or more servers that span multiple data centres. This architecture minimizes bottlenecks and enables new throughput levels and optimized speed for instant payment processing. Each data centre will be logically segregated, using virtual context technologies across multiple vendors equipment from core to perimeter, to maintain a secure environment. Buna's Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) environment allows high scalability and agility to meet the changing demand.


Ultimate Security

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and reaching higher levels of sophistication. Leveraging techniques and practices designed to protect our data are paramount to our cybersecurity strategy. In the light of this, payment systems should make further efforts to adapt, evolve, and improve their cyber resilience capabilities. To address the idea of continuous adaptation, evolution, and improvement, Buna has implemented necessary IT controls & tools such as strong authentication, digital signatures, encryption, and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to secure our environment and detect & respond to potential cyber threats.

The Buna system provides payment exchange over a secure SWIFT network. Buna data centre facility is compliant with industry standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 50001, to provide maximum data security and protection.

Easy to Integrate

Buna's integration platform enables participants to use its cross-border payment services through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to achieve end-to-end instant processing and richer experience. The Buna platform's service-oriented architecture reduces the cost of implementation.

Native support of ISO20022 provides a high level of Straight Through Processing (STP) and a uniform data presentation based on worldwide accepted standards.



Advanced Payment Analytics Technology

The payments industry is increasingly driven by information and data in today's digital age.

Buna's s analytics application gives the participant user a detailed understanding of transactions, to make informed decisions while simultaneously providing actionable real-time payment data on Buna web-based portal. 

Such insights can then increase the bank's day-to-day efficiency and liquidity optimization. Buna technology platform help strengthens participant bank business by providing in-depth payment analytics, insightful reports, and clear visibility of your entire payments traffic across Buna's network.