Buna Newsletter – Summer 2022

In this edition, Buna’s CEO Mr. Mehdi Manaa sheds lights on Buna’s major achievements particularly the activation of real-time EURO payments which will contribute to strengthening economic integration between Europe and the Arab world through Buna. He also highlights Buna's continuous commitment to enhance and diversify its product ranges by introducing Instant Payments services, increasing settlement windows, and expanding operating hours for different currencies.


Buna’s Chief of Strategy and Business Development Officer, Mr. Faisal Al Hijawi introduces Buna’s FX service (Payment vs Payment “PvP”) from multi-currency to cross-currency focusing on Buna's take when it comes to increasing adoption of PvP mechanism in transactions involving foreign exchange operation.


Buna continues through this edition its practice to share insights on Buna, its progress, and its activities namely launching the website along with the first edition of the annual report.


Details on Buna’s recent workshop and thought leadership activities are covered in this edition.


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