Buna considers interoperability as a fundamental element to meet its objective of supporting further integration, not only between the Arab countries but also between them and the rest of the globe. To achieve that, Buna adopted a transparent and agile approach in joining forces with major players in the payment sector. 

This approach is supported by our payment system flexibility and ability to connect and build fruitful partnerships in a cooperative and efficient manner. The adoption of connectivity and messaging standards, multi-currency inclusion, and the adherence to international requirements for compliance are the three main pillars that Buna relied on to pave the way to interoperability and make it smooth and efficient. 


Efficient & Effective Collaboration

We strongly believe in the value of collaboration to be efficient on the cross-border level whether at the level of private entities or between private and public sectors. We are continuously seeking interoperability with other market infrastructure and payment systems, driven by our strategic objective to establish fast, safe and efficient rails for cross-border payments and serve a wide and diversified group of banks and financial institutions through a proper cooperation framework and performant technology.  

The objective of this strategic collaboration is to build beneficial connectivity that expands reachability and facilitates the flow of payments between the participants of Buna and the participants in the other networks.