Buna conducted it's 37th Workshop

Buna 37th online workshop took place on October 27th, 2022. This workshop shed light on Buna strategic initiatives. It comprises different topics to update the Buna community on several key developments such as the Buna’s approach to cybersecurity and the different enhancements introduced recently to cater for the growing needs of our participants in terms of level of support and scope of service.

In addition, the workshop was the occasion to announce a new strategic partnership with Egyptian Banks Company (EBC), a major step towards building the instant payment hub for the Arab world and beyond.

The workshop agenda included:

Welcome note:  Mr. Mehdi Manaa, Chief Executive Officer, Buna


Session 1: Introducing the recent Buna’s functional enhancements  


Mr. Samer Zeitouny, Business Operations Specialist (Buna)


Session 2: Presenting the Egyptian Banks Company (EBC) and Buna partnership


Mr. Tarek Raouf, Chairman and CEO (EBC)


Session 3: Buna’s approach to cybersecurity


Mr.Moataz Ahmed, Senior Network & Security Administrator (Buna)


Session 4: Buna’s participants support in operation


Mr.Alain Abou Mourad, Senior Onboarding Specialist (Buna)