Buna conducted it's 35th Workshop

Buna 35th online workshop took place on August 11, 2022. This workshop shed light on several key capabilities and live experiences that are of interest to Buna’s banking community, namely an overview on its Application Programming Interface (API), Buna’s plans for extending its operating window, and various compliance aspects including sharing live experiences and findings. 
The workshop agenda included:

  • Welcome note:

Mr. Mehdi Manaa, Chief Executive Officer, Buna

  • Session 1:

Buna’s Application Programming Interface (API) Overview

Mr. Bilal Bader, Chief Architect, Payment Solutions, Buna
Mr. Sarmad Yousef, Senior Application Administrator, Buna

  • Session 2:

Buna’s Operating Window: A step-by-step plan towards 24/7

Mr. Samer Zeitouny, Business Operations Specialist

  • Session 3:

The Importance of quality data : Live experience of Buna’s compliance function

Mr. Mohamed Farag,  Senior Officer, Transaction Monitoring, Risk & Compliance Division, Buna