Transforming cross-border

A payment system that empowers economic integration
and financial inclusion


Smooth and efficient onboarding

Participants can join Buna smoothly and efficiently
via a comprehensive and well documented process


Secure and safe

Applying high global standards for compliance
and data privacy


Global standard

Enabling effortless connectivity and easy integration
of participants


Arab Payment Week Event Held in Abu Dhabi

Arab Payment Week Event Held in Abu Dhabi from 26-28 February 2024

1. Introduction

2. Cost-Efficient

3. Secure

4. Global Standard

5. Announcement


Who we are

A centralized cross-border and multi-currency payment system

Buna is a cross-border payment system, supported by Arab central banks and fully owned by the Arab Monetary Fund. Buna enables financial institutions and central banks in the Arab region and beyond, to send and receive payments, in Arab currencies as well as key international currencies, in a safe, cost-effective, risk-controlled, and transparent environment. With its cross-border payment services, Buna increases opportunities for economic and financial integration in the Arab region and strengthens investment ties with global trading partners.


Providing tangible value
to participants and

Buna offers fast, accessible, cost-efficient, and safe cross-border, multi-currency payment services and supports the processing and settlement of payments in real-time. Buna operates in compliance with the highest international standards of information security and requirements against financial crime.


Our network

Enabling a single
connection to
cross-border payment
services for a scalable
network of participants

Buna welcomes the inclusion of all central banks, commercial banks, or any other financial institution that meet the eligibility criteria and conditions for participation, and brings to its growing number of participants larger outreach and incremental business opportunities.